From 50° in Yemen to 20° in Munich

Saleh is a Back End Software Engineer from Yemen. He will work at Check24, a company in Germany. Saleh inspires us that your background shouldn't be an obstacle for you to get a good career in the future. Saleh is not his real name, as he chose to remain anonymous for now.

Tell me Saleh, how has been your experience with Imagine so far?

My experience with Imagine Foundation has been one of the best experiences in my life, which has truly broadened my perspective. I would not be lying if I said that it has been the best career preparation experience I have ever had.

Saleh, how did you become aware of Imagine?

I actually checked online first in order to educate myself and found nothing. 

Then I became aware of a post by Fernanda. To be honest, in the beginning, I couldn't really believe it - the program sounded exactly like something I always needed but never got elsewhere.

So, I applied just for fun and said to myself: "No matter if I go to Germany or not, I will learn something".

Everyone ask me why I want to go to Germany. The answer is simple: my child should be able to follow their dreams and grow up without hunger and poverty.

What really interests me and the others now is: How did you get your job in Germany?

In December 2021, with the help of Imagine, I applied to two companies. At the time they decided to reject me as they had decided to hire someone from Germany.

And how did you deal with these rejections?

Well, honestly, it was clear to me that I could do it. Companies invite me to interviews because they need and want me. So, that gave me the confidence to be validated.

What was your personal highlight at Imagine?

Wow, many. To be honest, your idea is unique! I have never seen anything like it; in fact, you don’t give us the fish, you teach us how to fish! So, I could stand on my own feet.

That sounds great. I'm really happy to hear that and my last question now: Why Germany?

You know, honestly, of course, I could have gone to the US or Canada. Maybe I would have made it there, but in Germany, you can develop better and grow in the tech field. I've been working for 7 years now and I feel like I'm technically standing still. I think in Germany I can keep developing and growing and learning.

Besides, it feels good. I have friends now. You are my friends and it feels safe to know that you are also in Germany, even though I don’t see you.

“You broke the barrier with your diversity and inclusion.”

That’s it. We hope you enjoyed the read. Now it’s time for action. As always, we are rooting for you. Keep us posted.

— Your friends at Imagine

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