Meet your Career Coach. Today.


Our mentors are selected from a large pool of applicants. They are trained in career coaching & job search techniques by German HR recruiters and certified career coaches. Together, they have advised more than 500 Imagine students.

These folks are awesome. They volunteer to be your personal mentors. They do not get any compensation for their work, and they don’t ask for one. Because all they do is: They care for you, and support you on your journey.

Now, book your chat with one of our career coaches to get feedback on your CV & much more. Availability might vary, and seats are filling fast. So, click on book now to see who’s still available and book your personal slot.


Fernanda Porto

I have co-founded Imagine together with Johann in summer 2018. I have seen so many of our Fellows succeed by now. If you are motivated, anything is possible.


Patricia Reis Christo

I am onboard Imagine since the early days. I have already helped more than 60 Fellows. Join us.


Vincent Weseloh

I love Imagine’s mission. One of my last students now has 7 job offers. No kidding.


Johann Harnoss

Hey. We built Imagine for you. Nearly every day, one of you excees our wildest expectations. If you really want, EVERYONE of you can make it. We’re here for you.


Iwona Ozimek

I am a software tester myself, and have worked with more than 40 Fellows so far. I am currently trying to hire on of these Fellows in our company!


Nanda D’Emery

I have been a career and life coach for the last 5 years, guiding more than 100 people, software engineers and others, towards reaching their goals.


Priscila Terenzi

What I enjoy most is seeing the difference before & after Imagine. There are people who literally the DAY after our bootcamp ended got a job offer. That’s just WOW, right?


Eleni Oikonomidou

I’ve worked with more than 80 Fellows so far. Ever wondered who runs our social media? That’s also me (together with Iwona)!


Lénika Muñoz

I’m originally from Chile. I like traveling, in fact I ‘travel’ 2h every day from my university in Brandenburg to Berlin ;) I love Imagine because I know I do something fulfilling, and get to know amazing people like you.


Mariana Sperini

In my day job, I work in banking. I’m married to a software engineer, and have worked with more than 70 Imagine Fellows since I joined last year.


Lars Eschenburg

I love communication, and believe it’s super important. You might know me from some of our teaching videos. I’ve lived in New Zealand for a few years, let’s meet up!


Ira Ramaj

I’m an expat in Berlin as well, and have worked with more than 50 Imagine Fellows. I enjoy meeting you, supporting you and learning from you - today as much as I did on day 1.


Sarah Hündgen

Throughout my life I have gained most of my work experience in countries other than Germany, but mostly with German companies. I deeply emphasize with anyone wanting to work in another country – to learn, to discover and to explore.