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Meet Azita an afghan woman passionate about women's rights

August 2021: the Taliban had just taken control of Afghanistan, and people feared for their safety. At Imagine, we then started a small offshoot, Talent Airlift Afghanistan, aimed at getting people out of Afghanistan via work visa.

Today I’ll tell you one of those stories: I want you to meet Azita (here is her LinkedIn and CV), a Junior Frontend Developer at DataGuard in Berlin. A young woman with beautiful dreams and amazing resilience.

Azita, tell us a little bit about your story.

Sure. I am a junior software developer. I started my career as a web development mentor at Code to Inspire (a programming school for girls) for 2 years. Then I became an assistant professor at Herat University. There I got a scholarship and went to the Technische Universität Berlin to get a master's degree. My master's research topic was related to violence against women in Afghanistan. 

In January 2021 I had just returned from Berlin and was teaching Java to my students. A few months later the Taliban took control of Kabul and I got concerned about my safety.

I was also concerned I would not be able to share my knowledge and education with others. I wanted to keep working, but there was no one there that could guarantee that this would be possible.

So I started looking for Ph.D. and job opportunities in Europe, I sent emails asking people for help.

How did you find out about Imagine?

A few colleagues from the university told me about Imagine. Everybody was looking for opportunities abroad. So I just joined in. A coach named Thomas Noppen helped me edit my CV and they posted my CV online. I got three job opportunities shortly after that.

How do you think Imagine helped you the most?

Back then, I felt like there was no way to leave Afghanistan. Imagine gave me hope. It was very valuable at that time.

Also, in Germany, a network is very helpful for you to find a job, and Imagine helps you get this network.

How is your new life in Germany going?

I’m happy here. I work in a multicultural company. I did not have experience in the job market previously, I was an academic. So I’m learning new things at my work. I have a supportive work environment, so when I have questions I just ask my colleagues.

Also, here I have the freedom to do what I want to do, to wear what I want to wear, and to travel wherever I want to go. I’m trying to integrate into Germany as much as possible.

There is definitely a clash of traditions that poses some challenges. But there are also so many opportunities. And that is just part of life to have good and not-so-good things.

I also feel proud to be a volunteer coach at Imagine. In a way, it helps me achieve my goal to help people by sharing my knowledge.

What tips could you give to those who are in the process right now?

I had people recommending job portals like Honeypot and But I got my job offers via the Talent Airlifting Afghanistan Project run by Imagine.

What I could also advise people to do is to keep learning. Always update your knowledge considering the market and always, always practice!

Feeling hopeful? Your opportunity is out there! Take a look at those portals Azita recommended, browse our app, join us on Circle to connect to other fellows going through the same journey you are. Keep moving, every step you take gets you closer to your dream. As always, we are rooting for you. Keep us posted.

— Your friends at Imagine

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