Q: What is Imagine?

Imagine is a digital bootcamp for software engineers willing to relocate to Europe. Imagine is a free service run by the Imagine Foundation (“IF”), an NGO in Germany.

Q: Why did you found Imagine Foundation (“IF”)?

Where you are born matters much more than who you are and what you can do.
IF aims to change that. To move the world towards more equality of opportunity. IF supports young, aspiring talents to find opportunity in Europe by helping them get a job offer. IF provides a public good: It makes existing legal pathways for immigration of highly qualified people more accessible. This benefits young aspiring talents, their home countries, and European societies.


What do I get from this bootcamp?

We help you find a job in Germany. To do that we give you personalized 360° feedback in 5 dimensions on your readiness for Europe. We give you precise feedback on your English, your technical skills, your CV, your LinkedIn and a few other things.


Do you have a job for me?

No. We are not a headhunter. Headhunters work for companies. Instead, we work for you. We are your career coach for jobs in Germany. But we can help you find a job. We have a network of firms to which we forward candidates’ resumes.

Still ultimately it’s up to you. Your drive, your smarts, and your grit. It's going to be a marathon. We cannot run it for you. But we are with you, as your coach and running mate.


As of Dec 2018, we are live for 17 weeks. We have accepted 250+ students and have graduated 25 Imagine Fellows. 3 people have already found jobs: Omar, Mahmoud and Ahmed. Omar is already in Sweden. Mahmoud and Ahmed are on their way to Germany as we speak.

We are NPS driven, meaning we care about your experience. We ask all graduates for feedback. We currently score 9.33/10.00 and have a very high NPS score of 86%. We work hard to achieve such ratings and are thankful to all of our graduates for their love and support.


Q: How much does it cost?

It’s entirely for free. We are a social venture run by volunteers on a small budget. Our costs are low, and we receive donations from private individuals, firms and foundations in Germany.


Q: Do I need to know German?

No! :) But we do not discourage you to learn German either. In fact, it’s a strong signal of your curiosity and drive. Vorsicht, you might even enjoy learning it. To get started, read this article.


Q: I wasn’t a very good student, can I still apply?

By all means, yes! We do not care about your grades. In fact many successful software engineers in Germany did not have the highest grades in university. Instead they had the highest curiosity to solve real world problems using the latest technologies. Employers sometimes care about your grades though. So we suggest you highlight it on your CV if you happen to have graduated among the 10% of your class.


Q: All of this sounds too good to be true!

Yes, we get it. :) At some point in the far future we will build a business model out of this to make it sustainable. Right now we care only about one thing only: Helping you succeed in finding a job in Germany.


If so, take a look at joinimagine.org for a deeper explanation of our mission and the principles and beliefs that drive this initiative.