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70+ fellows supported

"It was great getting to know Apeksha and gaining a better idea of the things that I needed to improve and enhance, like my CV and LinkedIn. Thank you for all the help that you provided."



30+ fellows supported

"I am so lucky to have a coach who inspires me every day to be better than the day before. I hope I can inspire future Imaginers as you have inspired me all these days. You’re awesome!"



30+ fellows supported

"Annamaria is an optimistic and outstanding coach. She motivated me to work on my skills and to believe in myself. She encouraged me to share my story with others and use my network to find a job."



80+ fellows supported

"Yasmin acted like a best friend, she was very kind and energetic and answered all of my questions. She motivated me to never give up. I hope we can meet soon in Germany when I find a job there."



160+ fellows supported

"Eleni's belief in me and in my journey was a crucial part of getting me where I am, and choosing the Netherlands over Munich was definitely the right decision for me. The effect she has on me and my family's life is more than amazing for us. In short: Thank you for being there!"



60+ fellows supported

"What I liked most about Ibrahim's coaching were his technical insights and advice. He always looked for simple solutions. I learned a lot from him. Thank you!"



80+ fellows supported

"My Linkedin profile started appearing in triple more search results. I also got an insight into back-end engineering jobs in the German IT market. Her help did a major impact on my career growth in general. I would recommend Amaney to anyone who is planning to move to Germany/Europe, especially for career-specific insights."

- Saeed


50+ fellows supported

"The most helpful advice for me was: "Every interview that you're rejected is practicing for the right Interview and job." Lars is the best coach I have ever had. I really appreciate what he is doing."

- Mahdi


As a Coach, you will get to know and inspire many people.

You will mentor students from places like Afghanistan, Egypt, Syria, Pakistan, Ukraine, or other places. You help them uncover their innate talents and find job opportunities in Europe.

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30+ fellows supported

"Gino was a great and friendly coach. In our session, we talked about the German market, we discussed my resume and changes that needed to be made in order to fit the job market. I feel like my chances of getting hired have increased a lot. Thank you!"



30+ fellows supported

"Vini taught me the important points about writing a good resume and explained how I can improve my LinkedIn. Also, he was very patient and answered all of my questions clearly. The meeting with him was very helpful for me. Thank you, and hope to see you soon!"



20+ fellows supported

"What I liked most about my coaching session with Aditi was her 360-degree review and feedback on my updated CV. She provided me with some great resources and templates that brought me a big step forward in my application process. I am really thankful to her."

- Ali

Johann (Jo)

50+ fellows supported

"Johann gave me some of the best advice for my interview with a German company that has really boosted my confidence. Even after our session he sent me helpful links and answered all of my questions. I found that really cool. Jo is a good guy."




Volunteered to give a travel loan to an Afghan Fellow at risk.

"Namratha has supported me greatly through the process of getting a job in Germany. After two months of continuous effort and preparation, I could get my dream job offer in Germany. Thanks, Namratha!"



20+ fellows supported

"Yasaman helped me in reviewing my resume and my LinkedIn account. The most important piece of advice was that my experience in different fields isn't a weak point in my resume, it shows that I am able to learn new things easily and can work in different teams. That changed my perspective. Thank you so much!"



30+ fellows supported

"Ahmed helped me reconstruct my CV and concentrate my search for work to fit my strong points. My sessions with him were fun, constructive, and good time investment. I can still remember his exact words "trust yourself in order for others to trust you!"."



10+ fellows supported

"I give a 10 out of 10. My session with Mahmoud really helped me to find out what I actually want and which kind of industry and job would fit me. He told me to concentrate all my efforts on the companies that really interest me and not to lower my dreams."



40+ fellows supported

"Summer has helped me a lot in practicing for my interviews. Her most helpful advice to me was: to leave my desire to seek a better living situation in Europe out of interviews and focus instead on how I want the job to improve my career. She also taught me to believe in myself and to believe that I am deserving of this job."



30+ fellows supported

"Subhasis is very patient and listens carefully. He helped me a lot with my CV and to find out what kind of job would fit. He gives great advice in a few words. I liked that a lot."



20+ fellows supported

"Mo taught me about the essential skill set required in tech companies in Europe. By improving and learning more about the technologies he mentioned, I managed to land a job in a nice tech company in Prague called MonstarLab. Thank you very much, Mo for your help."



30+ fellows supported

"Ahmed was very helpful, supportive, and patient. He answered all my long and weird questions. The sessions were so informative and put me ahead in front of any screening interviews. The most helpful advice was how important it is to have questions in return which give you more power and confidence at the end of the interview."



"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality."

- John Lennon


20+ fellows supported

"Abdelrahman, I appreciate you a lot. Because of your coaching sessions, my CV and LinkedIn have improved a lot. I especially liked the interview training part, when you told me about typical HR questions and how I should best answer to them. Before I had no idea how to prepare for interviews. So thank you!"



30+ fellows supported

"Bassem helped me discover my weaknesses and strengths and also gave me some good suggestions for improving my CV. The most useful tip I got is to prepare well for an interview on a personal and technical level. Thank you so much for your time. It was a great training session and I hope we will have the opportunity to meet again."



20+ fellows supported

"Eva gave me very good tips about how to act in interviews. She recommended me to different companies. Summer was a good listener and adviser, and so funny and kind too. I want to thank her and also the whole team of Imagine for their amazing help. Your help was priceless."


& many more

1500+ fellows supported

We celebrate and thank ALL our volunteer coaches who make the mission of Imagine a reality.


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