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A global community of 130 core volunteers with a network of 1.500

Meet the leadership team

Every community needs somebody to keep the wheels running. The Imagine LT ensures that our various communities are well taken care of: Our Fellows, our volunteer mentors, our company partners, foundational partners, and other friends of Imagine.

Join us

As an Imagine Fellows Mentor, you will inspire people. You will inform people. And you will spread some love.

You work with students from places like Afghanistan, Egypt, Syria, Pakistan, Ukraine, or other places. You help them uncover their innate talents and find job opportunities in Europe. You will mentor them through online chats, by assessing their CVs and LinkedIn presence, and by making use of Imagine’s quality-tested content (e.g. winning CVs of real people). As an Imagine Fellows Mentor, you are the face of Imagine.

  1. Impact people’s lives. As a Mentor, you help people change the trajectory of their lives, and the lives of their families. Forever.
  2. Spread 💕 & be 💕 -d. Take a look at our Linkedin page. See what our students say about us.
  3. Learn how to do interviews. You will improve your communication skills, as well as English skills, and gain practical knowledge.
  4. Learn how to write & read CV’s and LinkedIn profiles. Master your own job applications.
  5. Experience the world of technology. Soon you’ll know the difference between Java 👨‍💻️ & coffee ☕. That’s a valuable skill!
  6. Make new friends from all around the world. Become part of our team. 🌷 Meet people from all over the world.
  7. Have lots of 🎉. We love exploring Berlin. Did somebody just say ‘Karaoke’? 🎶 Pizza. Beer. Karaoke. Next up: Climbing.
  8. Get a certificate of volunteering. Employers 💕 people who are volunteering. We give you a certificate to prove it.
  9. Get a recommendation on LinkedIn. People found jobs because of their volunteering at Imagine. Will you as well?

Our expectations

  1. Commitment: You bring at least 4h/week for 3 months. Note: You can set your hours super-flexibly.
  2. Teaming: We are a community, and we want to see you IRL (in real life!) at least once per month.
  3. Curiosity: We teach you how to run interviews & how to read & evaluate CVs. We seek people who’re curious to learn.
  4. Passion: Last but certainly not least. You 😻 our mission of making the world a more equal place for all.


  1. I don’t know any German - is this an issue? No problem-o. We all get by in English here!
  2. I have magical special skills! Sweeeet. Let us know what you can do, and we may be able to bring you in on a side project.
  3. What are your working hours? Glad you asked! It’s entirely flexible. you choose. Mornings, evenings … Imagine fits your life.
  4. Do I need previous experience in interviewing? No. We teach you all you need to know. Promise. You start when you feel ready.

Want to volunteer with us? → Romina

We’re honored to have received multiple awards (2020, 2022) for the quality of our volunteering experience. Lots of Europe, Germany or Berlin-based expats looking for volunteering opportunities in English are happily joining us every week.

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